Mani Markers

Mani Markers

Going out in t-minus 10 minutes and you just haven’t had the time to spruce up your nails?

There’s nothing worse than waiting for three layers of polish you’ve taken valuable time to apply (with complete precision) to slowly dry while you get on with your busy day, tragically resulting in smudged or cloth-printed nails. Oh, we know the struggle…. Did you know the average mani can take around 30-60 minutes? Unfortunately sometimes us ladies just don’t have the time for wet nails while our fingers are busy with extremely important things (like applying your favourite Wonderwand Mascara or Liquid Velvet Lipstick of course). We have come to your rescue with our new innovation: the Mani Markers! Combining the ease of colouring in with a marker pen and a crazy quick drying time – we’ve created REAL nail polish in a marker pen to make at-home manicures wonderfully easy for absolutely everyone.

The Mani Markers have high coverage colour, and only take 3 minutes to apply; so even if you’re short for time you can always have a beautifully finished manicure in one stroke – a stroke of genius, one might add.

The soft nib allows for precise and even application for a flawless finish and they are simply perfect for beautiful nails on-the-go.

Available in five on-trend, bold shades so you can either make a fearless statement with turquoise, pretty in pink or go classic with red. The Mani Marker collection features a Thrill Seeker, a dazzling teal; Role Model, a deep indigo; Lady Luck, a bold red; Beauty Queen, a hot pink and Vintage Vamp, a rich Bordeaux.


  1. Apply to clean, dry nails.
  2. Shake well and push the nib down to release the product.
  3. Apply one coat of your chosen shade, making sure to keep the same pressure from cuticle to tip.
  4. Once dry, apply a glossy topcoat to give your mani ultimate staying power!