Did you head down to a salon this Christmas for a gel-mani to sparkle you through all the party season?

Once all the festivities we love about the party season end, detox January hits! But your body isn’t all that’s in need of a healthy new start. Post-shellac can leave your nails dry and brittle that leads to breaking and discolouration.

Here at Ciate we have some top treatments that will have your nails rejuvenated and twinkling once again.



Your very own Knight In Shining Armour rescues your nails overnight!

Apply one coat onto your nails before bed and leave to fight off dryness throughout your beauty sleep. This treatment contains the magic ingredient Urea that penetrates your nails for maximum rehydration. Simply wash your hands in the morning to reveal beautifully restored nails.




Wake up and give your nails a workout at our Nail Gym!

This treatment is your mani’s own personal trainer to toughen your nails. Use this intensive treatment, developed using Advanced Oxygen Technology, for ultimate strength! Formulated with Marula Oil and Hexanal to nourish and strengthen your nails. This innovative treatment also has a UV filter to prevent that dreaded yellowing.  Apply twice a week to prevent nail breaks and say hello to strong, toned and healthy nails. Who said joining a gym would be hard work?



Become a Goddess from head to nail with our anti-dehydration, health boosting nail therapy.

Shellac leaves your nails dry and brittle but just like anything, a little bit of TLC goes a long way, and our heavenly Nail Goddess serum is just the trick! Just like your face serums this treatment deeply hydrates, treating right from the base of the nail up! Simply apply to the cuticles and all around the edge of the nail, allowing ingredients such as Pro Vitamin B5 and Panthenol to penetrate deep into the nail bed, for increased nail elasticity preventing painful splitting and breakage, ouch!



Once your nails are healthy again, our last top-tip is to massage our Marula Cuticle Oil into your nail and cuticle

This oil feeds the nails with the essential vitamin E and almond oil that aids in protein metabolism essential to keep those nails looking healthy all year round!