Blush is back.

Blush is back.


We introduce Dewy Blush, the newest member of our dewy family - a next-gen, gel-balm tint blush that is set to shake up and refresh your spring beauty routine.


Say goodbye to chalky, powder blush. With an ultra-lightweight finish, Dewy Blush leaves just a subtle hint of colour that can work on both the cheek and lip, blending effortlessly into modern, glass-like sheen.

Formulated with natural extracts of yuzu and dragon fruit, the blush brightens your base, leaving the skin with an even and healthy flush of colour. For an instant complexion refresh!


We’ve got four gorgeous natural shades, all fragranced to match their tropical inspired names: Papaya (peach/pink), Watermelon (fuchsia), Coconut, (bronze/nude) and Pomegranate (berry).

It's time to embrace your blush!