Ciaté London Loves Miss Piggy: Our Most Fabulous Makeup Collaboration Yet

Ciaté London Loves Miss Piggy: Our Most Fabulous Makeup Collaboration Yet

A Hollywood icon and true diva, it’s fair to say we’ve been obsessing over Miss Piggy’s looks for decades. Rarely spotted without her signature pink makeup – she’s rocked it everywhere from Harper’s Bazaar to the Oscars – the ever-fashionable pig has shown us that confidence breeds beauty and, no matter who you are, you have to love yourself the most.


For these reasons – and many others! – we’re so excited to introduce our new Disney Miss Piggy makeup collection. With limited-edition makeup for cheeks and lips, plus super cute accessories, the five-piece collection promises glamor, glitz and all-round fabulous beauty. Keep scrolling to discover the dazzling new products.


Formulated with four ultra-soft crème shades and a delicious donut scent, our All About Moi! blush palette effortlessly enhances complexions with a pink Miss Piggy glow. Dab on a decadent flush; its matte, sheen and glow formulas have been created to suit every skin tone. Get ready to shine sweet cheeks!


Behind every prima donna pig is a perfected pout. With a super-soft formula and high-shine finish, our Piggy Power gloss lipstick vows fuller-looking, glamorous lips in seconds. A makeup essential for every future star, the piggy-pink shade is not only universally flattering but infused with a delicious donut scent too. Note the stylish exterior – it’s adorned with one of the most famous Miss Piggy quotes!


Make kissing frogs a thing of the past with our ultra-hydrating Love Moi lip balm. Formulated with nourishing butters, a pretty pink tint and sweet donut scent, it’ll prep and prime your lips for a picture-ready pout. When it comes to applying the winter hero, Miss Piggy insists, “Trust moi; too much is never enough.” Kissy, kissy!


“Personal style is about being yourself while trying to be more like moi.” Miss Piggy


Every style icon has a special accessory to remind her of just how fabulous she is. Our Who? Moi? handheld vanity mirror needs to be yours. A covetable, collectors’ item infused with Miss Piggy power, it’ll make everything dazzle – from boudoir tables to long-haul travels (first class, of course).


Re-create Miss Piggy’s flawless, red carpet skin with Piggy Perfector, our new blending sponge. Modelled on the movie star’s signature snout, its unique shape fits perfectly in the hand for immaculate makeup application – whether you’re contouring, layering color or creating a full-coverage base. A reusable beauty staple, Piggy Perfector’s a sure-fire favorite of makeup artists.


In honor of Miss Piggy’s larger-than-life personality, our limited-edition VIP Collection is the ultimate beauty haul. Featuring the Love Moi lip balm, All About Moi! blush palette and Piggy Perfector blending sponge, it’s a piggy-approved edit of empowering beauty. C’est magique.


“Behind the diva behavior, pearls and gloves, Miss Piggy represents something we hold so dear to us at Ciaté London – empowering yourself. It’s the kind of power that inspires you to think outside the box, enjoy yourself, and embrace the creativity that surrounds us daily,” Charlotte Knight, Ciaté London CEO and Founder.


“Developing this collection has been such an incredible experience, we’re so proud of what we’ve created – a range that embodies everything Miss Piggy stands for; fun, color and pure piggy power.”


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