New Cheat Sheets: The secret to creating salon-level nail art at home

New Cheat Sheets: The secret to creating salon-level nail art at home


Nail art is one of the most effective ways to elevate your style. A blank canvas to the array of polishes available, nails present the perfect opportunity to showcase your personality. Plus, there’s something about having manicured hands that can make you feel more put together – a concept lots of us are craving right now.


While some people are naturally talented at nail art, many aren’t. This is where our new collection of Cheat Sheets comes in. As well as a whole range of designs, the easy-to-use nail stickers offer salon-worthy results without all the tools or mess. And it’s fair to say their fan base is pretty huge too…


Beloved by beauty editors and professional nail artists alike, the first ever Cheat Sheets were so popular, we sold over 105,000 stickers in a single week! We thought we’d have even more fun with the second drop and asked you to influence the designs. From chic foils to stellar shapes, many of your desired styles fell into four core groupings. Keep scrolling for the best stickers to adorn your nails with.



Meet the new Cheat Sheets


As well as an expert-looking finish, Cheat Sheets provide endless artistic possibilities. The celestial sheet – filled with magnificent stars, moons and lightning bolts – can be used to create a cosmic manicure while the pretty heart stickers will add the perfect pop of color.


Seeking a more timeless design? Look to our gold foil collection – the metallic decals promise to enhance every color nail polish. And lastly, our playful sheet is destined for TikTok fame: its kitsch cherry, cloud and rainbow stickers are sure to ignite a social media trend. Whatever your style may be, the options are infinite.



How to apply Cheat Sheets


Mastering the new nail-art trick is easy; there’s very little preparation needed. Follow these four steps and you’ll never look back:

  1. Paint a clear base coat or a colored polish and allow it to completely dry
  2. Using a set of tweezers, carefully peel your chosen design off the backing sheet and place on the nail wherever desired
  3. Gently press the sticker down into place
  4. Once you’ve finished your design placements, apply a top coat to seal it all in



Why you’ll love Cheat Sheets


Nails provide us with a real creative outlet. Perfecting a fun manicure can help us to feel productive and channel positive energy – especially during these trying times.


“I love that Cheat Sheets give people the chance to be inspired, get creative and experiment with their nails,” Charlotte Knight, Founder and CEO of Ciaté London.


“They offer flexibility to customize and create your own unique looks whenever and wherever you please. I can’t wait to see what manicures are created with the new Cheat Sheet stickers.”



The secret to effortless nail art, Cheat sheets a sure-fire way to jazz up any look. Share your Cheat Sheet manicures with the hashtag #Ciate for the chance to be featured on our Instagram.


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