The Cheat Sheets

The Cheat Sheets
They're the DIY nail art hack the internet can't get enough of!

Our Cheat Sheets are super thin nail stickers, that can be placed on either bare or polished nails for nail art in minutes.
How to apply:
1. After applying clear base coat and/or a coloured polish, allow it to completely dry before applying your design.
2. Using a set of tweezers, carefully peel your chosen design off the backing sheet and place on the nail wherever desired
3. Gently press down into place
4. After you have finished your design placements, apply a top coat to seal the deal!

How to remove:
1. Using a cotton pad and nail polish remover, wipe away your polish. This will help to ease off the stickers too. If they need extra help to come off, use a cuticle pusher to gently push the edges of the sticker.